Media and Business Contact:
Haide Vitali, Precise Craft Sourcing, General Manager

Precise Craft Sources Announces the expansion of services to include inside sales and marketing solutions

October 21, 2013, Indianapolis, Indiana —Precise Craft Sourcing is expanding and proud to announce the addition of inside sales and marketing services to its clients.

Established in 2005, Precise Craft Sourcing is a privately owned outsourced inside sales and marketing company located in Indianapolis, Indiana dedicated to manufacturing and OEM environments. Precise Craft Sourcing provide their clients with a telemarketing, lead generation, inside sales and marketing strategy aimed for results to increase their client’s time efficiency and revenue.

At Precise Craft Sourcing is passionate about growing potential new customers to our client’s products and services in a way that will resonate with them. “We understand our clients are in the business of producing great products and services and value their time. We offer clients the opportunity to focus on what they do best and let Precise Craft Sourcing drive their inside sales and marketing programs” states General Manager Haide Vitali.

Precise Craft Sourcing understands that closing sales requires a new strategy, those which engages customers at multiple stages along the sales compendium. The strategy must anticipate and quickly address barriers outside sales teams often face. The mission of Precise Craft Sourcing is to help clients achieve revenue growth and success, and to enhance customers brand by elevating their market position. This is achieved by expert market research to uncover the best prospects for client products and services. This in turn becomes the qualifying prospects used to develop leads clients can use to drive revenue pipelines.


Precise Craft Sourcing has served the needs of manufacturing markets. The company offers a variety of services specifically tailored to the rail, automotive, steel and OEM audience. Interested parties can learn more about the services Precise Craft Sourcing offers by accessing their website at or calling directly at 800-494-1368.