Marketing and sales development outsourcing can be a difficult decision.  With so many choices and companies out there the task can be overwhelming.  While Precise Craft Sourcing offers a range of services from sales consulting to fully outsource marketing programs, the question we ask during our client assessments is: “Is outsourcing sales and marketing right for your company?”

The answer to this question varies for each company. Every firm has its own core competencies that drive their business. For some, manufacturing is at the core while for others it may be new product development. If sales and marketing are not one of your core competencies and you are not planning on developing them as such, then outsourcing these functions may be the right solution for your company.

As you begin your search for outsourcing sales and marketing needs, remember to carefully consider all of options and determine which one is the best solution.  Some questions to consider can help you to determine if outsourcing is right for your company.

  •  What are your firm’s core competencies?
  • Can you accomplish your goals internally before outsourcing?
  • Are the right sales resources available internally?
  • Will outsourcing sales free internal resources for other purposes?
  • Will outsourcing sales improve company focus?
  • What is the risk associated with hiring and retaining an internal sales and marketing force?
  • Will an outsourced solution free your sales team to concentrate on your core business?

Precise Craft Sourcing takes the time up front to ensure your company is the right candidate for an outsourcing solution.  Our goal is to obtain a win win outcome for each of our client engagements.  We make sure the solution is right for your needs.  We encourage you to contact Haide Vitali, Precise Craft Sourcing General Manager directly at 800-494-1368 for a complementary outsourcing assessment that will help you determine the best sales and marketing management options for your company.